Announcing: The NextGen Activity Box

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Our primary goal in NextGen is to help kids come to trust in Jesus and grow in their relationship with him. For years, our model has been to provide irresistible experiences for kids and to build great relationships with amazing small group leaders.

And then came the 2020 Pandemic.

Our model doesn’t work nearly as well in our current situation. We were able to shift pretty quickly to online experiences, which was awesome. However, it’s just not been the same, especially since everyone is overwhelmed and tired of EVERYTHING digital. We’ve been working on something new and we’re excited to share it with you. We hope that this new idea might help us bridge the gap between our current situation and when things are more normal again. Honestly, we think this project may not just bridge the gap, but it may be a critical part of our model moving forward.


Okay, before we get into what’s in these boxes, let’s talk about the “why.”

We can all probably agree that there are several things every parent wants in regard to their child’s faith:

  • We want our kids to prioritize faith in their everyday lives
  • We want our kids to develop consistent spiritual habits
  • We want our kids to connect with others who will encourage their faith
  • We want to be involved in the development of our child’s faith

During this pandemic, all of this has been really hard and many parents have struggled to make any of these things happen. Even with access to video content and downloadable resources, it’s just not felt like an ideal solution. This is the reason why we’ve created the NextGen Activity Box!


We’re not telling, yet. We’re excited and we think you will be too. Here’s a few details without giving everything away:

  • Every family will get one box.
  • Content in the box is designed for 3’s – PreK, Kindergarten – 3rd Grade and Preteen kids.
  • Boxes are customized for each family, containing materials for each kid in your family.
  • Activities in the box are fun and kid-driven, not necessarily something MORE that parents have to plan and prepare to do.
  • NextGen Activity Boxes are fun.


We’re building 500+ boxes and we’re going to get one to you in one of three ways:

  • We’re hosting a pick-up party at MISSION next Sunday (August 2nd) from 9 AM until 12 PM. Just swing by our drive-through line and we’ll greet you, pack your box, and send you on your way.
  • We’ll have boxes available to pick up at the church from Monday (August 3) -Wednesday (August 5) from 12 PM until 4 PM.
  • We’ll deliver boxes to everyone who wasn’t able to pick up their box (all deliveries will be made by Saturday, August 8th).


  • CLICK HERE to tell us when you plan to pick up your box!
  • CLICK HERE to tell us you’d like your box delivered!

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