ANTHEM Regathering Plan: Tribes


It’s finally time.

It’s been way too long.

Finally, ANTHEM is regathering in real life!

Just last week, the decision was made to begin some smaller, in person gatherings at MISSION. One of the first to happen is ANTHEM and we are very excited about the opportunity. As AMAZING as an in-person gathering is going to be, it is not exactly going to be ANTHEM as usual. We’re taking a lot of precautions to make sure our re-gathering is as safe as possible.


For months now, we have been leading every part of ANTHEM through screens. Teaching, worship, and tribes have all been through the lens of a camera. Worship and teaching are staying the same for now, but we’re shifting how we’ll do tribes. On Sunday, July 26th at 6:30 PM, we’ll gather for ANTHEM in TRIBES ONLY. We’ll send specific instructions in a few days, but when youth arrive, they’ll go directly to their tribes. We have about 30 separate rooms/spaces where Tribes can reconnect and hang out. The ANTHEM staff and team will still broadcast the service via YouTube that will be viewed by the tribes in their specific spaces (youth who can’t join us will be able to engage in the service online). We’ll conclude at 8 PM and dismiss youth individually to parents or to drive home.


We can all agree that few things are normal right now. As we regather, we will be following specific precautions that every one MUST follow to participate. Some of these precautions will lighten as we continue to meet and the local situation changes. Here are some of our precautions:

  • All staff and volunteers have been trained in new social distancing procedures.
  • All staff, volunteers, and teenagers will be temperature checked before participating. Anyone with a fever, anyone who has been sick recently, or anyone who has been exposed to someone who has been sick recently will be asked to go/stay home.
  • All tribe spaces/rooms will be thoroughly cleaned/sanitized before use.
  • Face masks must be worn by anyone on campus during our gatherings (staff, leaders, parents, and youth).
  • Proper social distancing is expected. We are setting up tribe environments where youth can maintain distance. We know that social distancing isn’t going to be easy and teenagers are going to be close, but we ask everyone to respect everyone’s personal space.
  • Those unable to attend ANTHEM will be able to watch the service live via YouTube and attend their group via Zoom.
  • When ANTHEM is over, we will dismiss youth only when parents have arrived (parents will need to text their child/child’s leader when they arrive). Youth who drive will be dismissed to leave the campus (no lingering after the event).
  • We will provide snacks and drinks, but all will be served in a safe and contact free method.


The pandemic hasn’t been awesome for teenagers. We know that our teenagers need to be together again – for all the reasons. We hope to make the experience as normal as possible for everyone and that everyone will LOVE being back, even if it’s a little different.

We also know that not everyone feels the same way about social distancing, masks, and safety procedures. Regardless of your feelings and practices, we politely ask that EVERYONE follow these protocols so that EVERYONE would feel safe and respected. Let’s all be gracious toward one another as we provide an opportunity for our teenagers to regather. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out ([email protected]).

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