ANTHEM Regathering Details for Sunday, July 26


Earlier this week, we announced details about ANTHEM’s re-gathering. As promised, here are all the details. We’re excited to have a fun, exciting, and safe time together!


To minimize lines, we’re separating Junior High and High School check-in. Separating check-in exposes students to less of our campus, less students overall, and allows us to safely check-in everyone who comes.

  • We will be gathering leaders for a pre-service huddle and final training just before check-in opens. If you arrive early, please hang in your vehicles until check-in opens at 6:15. We’ll space everyone out as they prepare to check-in. If the line seems long, feel free to hang in your vehicle until the line is shorter.
  • Check-in for High School will be on the Southeast side of the student center (near the parking lot near the fountains in the front of the church).
  • Check-in for Junior High will be on the West side of the campus on the back side of the offices. Look for the ANTHEM tent.
  • Once in line, we will do a contactless temperature check (all staff, volunteers, parents and teenagers will be temperature checked), get a verbal confirmation that youth have not been sick nor have they been exposed to others who are currently sick. Our guest services team will check all youth in and then send them to their dedicated tribe spaces.
  • All tribe spaces have been cleaned/sanitized and are ready for tribes.
  • All tribe spaces are also stocked with sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Seating is adequately spaced out for the reasonable number of people in each room.
  • We do ask that all staff, leaders, parents, and teenagers wear their masks while on campus.


Although this is an event for tribes, we will offer a large group expereince for all teenagers, streaming the service online to screens in every tribe space.

  • We request that all teenagers and leaders remain in their tribe space until the end of the event. Currently, we’re limiting the number of personal interactions to just tribes.
  • We have several bathrooms open across campus, but occupancy will be limited.
  • During the service, tribes will get re-aquatinted, watch the service together, and have their tribe discussions. We’ll deliver water bottles and individually wrapped snacks after tribe conversations. Youth will hang out and catch up until we dismiss at 8 PM.
  • We will allow our four senior tribes to come to the Student Center during worship/teaching. We have appropriately spaced seating set up for them and they will be individually dismissed to their tribes after large group.


We’re going to dismiss in a quick and orderly fashion.

  • Any teenagers who drove or rode with another student will be dismissed at 8 PM.
  • All other youth will be dismissed when their parents arrive. Parents need to text their teenagers hen they arrive(or their leaders if their teen doesn’t have a phone). If you don’t know your child’s leader, text 512-914-0922 (include the name and grade of your child).


Thanks for your patience with us as we learn how to lead ministry in an entirely new context. Please realize that we have families from every end of the spectrum in regard to opinions and practices concerning social distancing. In order to create a space where EVERYONE felt safe to attend, we have put in place all these procedures. As we continue meeting and our situation changes, many of our procedures will lessen. Let’s just all have a huge amount of grace and patience with each other as we come together again!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

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