Ashes Into Art

Take it all Father, allow me the opportunity to give you all of the blended, mixed, broken and burnt ashes that have come with life. The daily renewal of fresh paint, a coat of your goodness, love and faith for my life. 

As a parent, I think of the joy, mess and confidence within the process of completing a kid’s finger painting or artwork on their own. God our Father, asks us the same. Parents, let us hold out our hands to Him in full surrender and let Him lead, guide and direct our daily paths. All of the choices, places and parenting decisions which will flow through His peace and guidance. God will always lead us to a better future than we can even imagine or think. We can attempt to create our own masterpiece in our minds, or try to make our own plans, but I pray for God’s way.

I reflect as a Dad, and to all of those who read this, that we understand there is clearly a better way. With God leading, abundant life is the way and promise. So Father, I pray and hold out my hands,

Place the opportunities, people and cultivate relationships with myself as a Dad, having childlike faith as I play in the paint. I rest in you, Jesus, knowing that you create all of our true, pure memories and masterpieces. I love you Father; thank you for allowing me to grow and transform with each moment of my life as you continue to mold my Ashes into Art.

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