Circle Go: Their Internet. Your Rules.

Circle is devoted to helping families thrive with technology and with each other. Circle exists to help families find balance, set healthy limits, build good habits, and get the best out of their digital experiences rather than being consumed by them. Circle’s screen time management and parental control solutions are the easiest and most comprehensive way to manage all your family’s connected devices—wherever they are, wherever they go.


  • Powerful (age appropriate) content filters
  • Usage tracking to see how family members are using their devices
  • Comprehensive history tracking all sites visited and filtered
  • Pause the internet on all devices with the push of a button
  • Ability to set bedtimes for all our select devices
  • Rewards to celebrate good behavior with extra time online
  • Time limits to limit the time kids spend on certain sites or apps
  • Specific off times to ensure kids are offline during preset times
  • Location tracking for all mobile devices

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