Clean Up Time

How many times as parents have we said these words, “clean up time.” Often, our kids may ignore, delay or even appear unfazed at this task.

I began thinking, how many times and opportunities has God our Father asked us this same question. I can speak honestly, and say that I am no different than our toddlers and kids, having ignored that calling too many times. Whether through excuses, or running away from the opportunities to clean things up in my own life. I sit here today, thankful for a life to pursue a clean, godly path as a man and a Dad. The joy of watching our kids taking time and doing their very best at clean up, yet also learning how to help and work as a team when needed. There is a real beauty in teaching our kids some of life’s basic things while watching them learn, grow and begin to establish themselves as well.

I’m grateful for the love, patience and kindness that God brings us daily. Always knowing that God is with us. As a Dad, I pray that I stand strong, bold and obedient as Father God guides my own life.  I can hear that sweet kids song that many of us have heard, “Clean up, Clean up, everybody do their share.”

He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.


The peace in knowing that when I spend time with God and listen to his words, my faith is reinforced. I encourage myself daily and hope that every parent examines those unclean areas, and give all of the mess to Jesus. The beauty of his hands are always extended, willing to always make a way for those who seek him. He simply says, “Hand me the mess, all of it.” He will make beauty, opportunities, and a perfect way for all of us that surrender and ask him to help. May we live a clean, pure, life of integrity, that leads us and our kids to a godly path and future.

Thank you Jesus, for always cleaning up and providing forgiveness. Thank you that no mess, or wreckage is too much for your grace and mercy to begin a life anew. Take it all Lord, more of you and less of me.

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