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This year for Easter at MISSION, we had both in-person and online options for your family; including our Easter Jam experience.

Check out our Easter Jam Recap below!

Next Steps

At MISSION, we believe that Jesus changes everything for everyone. The story of Easter did not end with Jesus’ death and His disciples finding an empty tomb. Jesus then appeared to His followers to prove He had risen from the dead. He told them to live their lives to love and serve others and to help others become followers of Christ. Everyone is given a personal choice to ADMIT their sin, BELIEVE in Jesus as their Savior, COMMIT to follow Jesus, and find thriving life in Him each day.

If you or your child would like more info on what it means to make a decision to place your faith in Jesus, our Kids Pastor, Jarrod Harris, would be honored to answer any questions you may have. You can email him HERE. Or, if you have already made a decision to follow Christ and are ready to take the step of being baptized, you can sign up for baptism at missionaz.org/baptism.

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