Elementary K-3 Parent Cue for August 2, 2020

Life App

Creativity: Imagining what you could do because you were made in God’s image

Memory Verse

“Lord, You are great. You are really worthy of praise. No one can completely understand how great You are.” Psalm 145:3

Monthly Overview

When we look outside and see the beautiful world around us, we’re reminded that God is SO great, powerful, and creative. From the birds flying high in the sky to the planets orbiting the sun to animals scampering around the earth, each one points to God’s indescribable creativity. Jesus used creativity in how He told parables, performed miracles, and helped His followers understand more about what it means to be part of God’s Kingdom. On top of that, we’re created in God’s image. We can solve problems, create art and music, design skyscrapers high into the sky. When we create, we reflect the image of God to the world around us.

Week 1 Bible Story

Creation – Genesis 1—2:3

Bottom Line

There’s no limit to God’s creativity.

Weekly Resources

Below we have included some resources to help cue conversations for the coming week. You’ll find a weekly parent cue and God Time cards.

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