Elementary Preteen Parent Cue for November 1, 2020

Life App

Gratitude: Letting others know you see how they’ve helped you

Memory Verse

“Give thanks to the Lord, because He is good. His faithful love continues forever.” Psalm 136:1

Monthly Overview

Gratitude sometimes feels like a lost art. Yet gratitude is an idea close to God’s heart. Think about all of the Bible stories where people give thanks to each other, celebrate God with feasts and festivals—not to mention the Psalms filled songs of praise. Just take a moment to consider everything God has done for you: the world He made, the promises He’s kept, the new life He offers through Jesus. When we remember all of that, we can always be thankful.

Week 1 Bible Story

Give thanks no matter what happens – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Key Question

What are you grateful for?

Weekly Resources

Below we have included some resources to help cue conversations for the coming week. You’ll find a weekly parent cue and God Time cards.

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