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In the first four accounts of the New Testament (i.e. The Gospels), Jesus constantly paints a picture of a beautiful kingdom of God where all the people of the world are unified and worship God together. The problem that we tend to have with that picture is that it doesn’t feel realistic at times. Is there something wrong with us? As we have come to realize in 2020, it seems there are more divisions than ever before that split us along national, political, racial, ideological and regional lines.

For the remainder of September, we are in a series called Elephant in the Room. Throughout this series, we are going to be having a different guest speaker each week join us either in person or digitally to provide insight + perspective into each of the following touchy subjects: Mental Health, Race & Political Climate.

Our hope + goal is for our teenagers to place any bias or preconceived notions of a certain topic aside, and realize that we have more in common than we ever thought! With this being said, we want to provide you with as much information + resources each week as possible to help navigate through the conversations that may arise when your teenager comes home.

Guest Speaker Information

Last week, we had a conversation with Paula Dannielle on the topic of Race + Reconciliation. To watch the conversation between Paula + Dan Pollak (ANTHEM Coordinator), click here.

This Sunday night, we are closing out the series by having a conversation on political Climate + unity. For the conversation, it’s going to look a little different from the previous couple of weeks. Our guest speaker via video will be MISSION’s Lead Pastor, Joel Thomas. Following Joel’s video, we will be having a panel discussion with the following individuals: Allison Osugi (Healthcare Professional / Tribe Leader), Chris Lundberg (Realtor / former MISSION Board Member), Kenny Conley (NXTGEN Pastor) and Dan Pollak (ANTHEM Coordinator).

Political Climate + Unity Resources

With the conversations that will be taking place, we are wanting all parties involved to feel equipped + properly resourced. For our ANTHEM Tribe Leaders, we have conducted trainings (Mandated Reporting, Creating a Safe Place, etc.) as well as provided them with conversation guides + other resources for navigating through the various aspects of the topics that we are approaching. With that said, we want to prepare YOU (the parent or guardian of the teenager) just as much for the conversations that might come up when the Tribe Leader is not present or available.

Below this post, you will find various resources (conversation guides, podcasts, blog posts, etc.) that will provide direction + insight into this topic of Political Climate.

It may seem overwhelming, but just know that you are not alone in this matter. If you ever have questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email ([email protected]).

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