Get Your September Activity Box This Weekend!

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August is almost over and that means you can get a BRAND NEW NextGen Activity Box THIS WEEKEND!

If you got a box for August, here’s what you need to know. We made a TON of IMPROVEMENTS!

  • A BEAUTIFUL new box (custom printed this month)
  • MORE activities (we can barely get this box closed)
  • Everything is much more INTUITIVE
  • Activities are more HANDS-ON FUN

Your kids are going to LOVE IT!

If you didn’t get a box in August – you don’t want to miss September’s box. It’s a FREE resource for your kids to help them prioritize their faith and motivate weekly spiritual habits – the things that have been so hard to do during the global pandemic.


Family Movie Night: Friday, August 28th! Come see Trolls World Tour on the BIG SCREEN. $15 will reserve your seats (for the whole family) and includes a large popcorn and drinks for the family. While you’re here, pick up September’s Activity Box!

Pick-Up Party: On Sunday, August 30th, you can swing by MISSION and pick up your Activity Box. No need to even get out of the car. Just swing by the front of the church (by the fountain) from 8:30 – 11 AM.

Box Delivery: Move over USPS. We have dozens of friendly volunteers who will deliver hundreds of boxes next week. Just let us know where/how you want it delivered and we’ll drop it off.

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