NEW Job Opportunity at MISSION

The NextGen team at MISSION is looking to find a brand new team member in the role of NextGen Ministry Support Specialist. This 25+ hour (weekly) role is critical to the success of the entire NextGen strategy. The NextGen Ministry Support Specialist is the administrative and operations brain of the entire NextGen operation. We’re looking for someone who:

  • Speaks the language of systems and processes. They are always troubleshooting how things are done, looking to make everything more effective and efficient.
  • Has an innovative approach to work, trusting the tried and true but comfortable utilizing new digital tools.
  • Has the skill set to manage multiple projects at once, easily prioritizing tasks to meet pressing deadlines.
  • Has strong people skills, able to effectively communicate with staff, volunteers, and parents.
  • Passionate about the Next Generation, wanting to help kids and teenagers find and keep faith for the long-haul.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk. CLICK HERE to see the current job description. Send your current resume to [email protected].

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