New School Year at MISSION

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The everlasting summer of 2020 is about to wrap up! Usually at this point in the summer, parents are ready to send kids back to school and normalize their routines… but it’s a new world, isn’t it?

Regardless of your school situation, we wanted to update you on what the new school year at MISSION is going to look like. Just like our school situations, there are probably more questions than answers, but we hope to point you to a few things you can look forward to.


Every May, we celebrate LAUNCH as kids move up from their current grade/environment to their new grade/environment. Because of the pandemic, we didn’t LAUNCH. We were hoping that if we regathered over the summer, we’d have a chance to meet in groups a few more times before everyone promoted. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and since school is about to begin, we’re officially moving everyone up.

What does this mean for your child?

Maybe not a lot right now. If your child was in preschool and is now in kindergarten, he or she will begin watching the elementary videos. Same for kids who were in 3rd grade and have moved up to 4th grade (preteen).

Normally, most of our small group leaders move up with their groups, but some step out of their roles and we often recruit and place new leaders within groups. Because of the pandemic, a lot of this has been messy. Some groups have been active, others have not. Even when we launch in person services, small groups will look different because far fewer people will be back as soon as we launch. We have a lot of things to figure out, but we’ll keep you in the loop in regard to your child’s group.


We actually have been working on something that we’re really excited about. Go ahead and mark your calendar, because on August 2nd, we’re making a massive shift.

The digital church has been awesome. Streaming great content to hundreds of families every weekend has been super convenient during this unprecedented time. However, we know that it feels different now compared to how it felt in April. Everyone’s just a little tired. Everyone misses being able to come to MISSION and EXPERIENCE church every weekend.

Because of that, we’re changing our approach and we think it’s going to be a breath of fresh air for a lot of our families. It’s going to be a new way to engage with church and we’re excited.

Hang tight, we’re going to make the big announcement next week!

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