PAJAMA JAM + Family Movie Night

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Like hot chocolate and candy canes, some things are great on their own but even better when enjoyed together. NextGen presents PAJAMA JAM + Family Movie Night!

On Fri, Dec 4, you can experience PAJAMA JAM + Family Movie Night all in one amazing night. At 630p, we’ll be showing the recently animated rendition of Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch. Plus, EVERYONE is invited to come in your best family PJs. We will also offer a couple of photo opportunities and every child who attends will get a fun Holiday Box to help celebrate the Advent season. Does this sound like an incredible night out, or what?

Seats will be limited so be sure to click below and reserve spots for your whole family! As usual, the movie is free, but $15 will reserve your seats and get you a large popcorn and soft drinks for the whole family. Doors open at 6p.

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