Parenting Kids in the Online Age

Episode 9 of the Thriving Life Podcast ventured into the world of raising children in the midst of technology. This podcast was a helpful conversion that may help parents approach the technology issue differently.

Most parents have a strategy when it comes to their kids and technology. LIMIT ACCESS. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you put a kid on a computer or smart phone, it’s only a matter of time before they see something they aren’t supposed to see. However, if we can limit access, making sure that the things they aren’t supposed to see aren’t seen, then we feel better about keeping our kids safe. If we can limit the number of hours our kids have access to devices and screens, we’ll feel like we’re we’re winning.

But what if limiting access is only one part of the “keeping kids safe” strategy? What if limiting access isn’t even the most important piece (don’t worry, it is still very important) of your online strategy?

In this episode, Kenny Conley and Nick Asolas unpack a larger framework for keeping kids safe online. This framework is represented by three key ideas:

  • Access
  • Accountability
  • Attitude

Check out this episode to learn more about these three ideas and practical tools and resources you can implement this week. Also, be sure to download the Resource Guide below.

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