Plain Old Hot Dogs

I approach this Father’s Day with a truly upside-down mentality. I press on to lead my home and my two kids with all that God has called me to be. I pray daily for the boldness to stand up in the face of chaos, dysfunction and many obstacles that I face head-on, as a single parent.  I’m learning to see, and know the beauty of walking and striving daily to lead my home with godly integrity. I thank Jesus for opening my eyes to see what beauty He brings to my kid’s lives, and to my own.

As I sat across the table from my two beautiful children for dinner recently, I was challenged with thoughts of wanting to seek the daily path of noticing God’s goodness. That can be very difficult in the busyness of life. I sat with them as we ate our hot dogs for dinner. To some, this may seem trivial and you may question the depth of this moment. For others, you’ll resonate with this when I say that the real gift is not the food, toys, gifts or trips that define our parenting.

I look at the joy, peace, and contentment of my children, and thank God for these simple moments of a simple meal shared together. The plain old, normal moments give fathers and parents the opportunity to bring glory to God and to build into the depth of faith within our kids. I am grateful to be a Dad that has the voice to read to my kids, and to speak life over them. I am blessed by the fun times playing in the park, and those silly moments simply riding through town; because I know each day is a gift. I embrace the opportunity, and strive to be a man who leads them with a true demonstration of godly behavior, for this will teach them far more than any words spoken. Having time together and being intentional with my kids each day allows for me to be that godly example. 

As I reflect on this, I have overwhelming gratitude to have had a godly Grandfather in my youth, and that I continue to have a strong man of integrity for a Dad. Now, as I grow and learn each day, I process what an amazing gift God has given me with this role of being Daddy. I relish and truly want to look my children in the eyes, hoping they see a reflection of Jesus and His love. There is an amazing gift found in walking hand-in-hand with my kids at my side. I thank God for the incredible gift of being a Dad and father. I pray that I would be a father that radiates the light of Jesus for my two children, and those I come across each day. And, I hope I never miss the gift of having more of the plain old hot dog type of dinners, and genuine moments of intentional time with them.

“Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.”

James 1:17 NLT

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