Power of our Words

Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

Proverbs 16:24

Parents, our words have power to declare, build up and exude God’s light for our children. We have an opportunity to exercise a daily dose of sweet honey. I know as a Dad, that watching words of encouragement and teamwork bring light and life to my children’s eyes. I’ve also seen how words can sting, when used out of line while talking with our kids. I pray that our homes are a a harvest for our children to thrive, grow and become the children that God has purposed them to be. Check out the definition of harvest, the process of a bee forming honey.

Harvest: the process of extracting honey from a hive.
Hive: the structure used by bees for a home.
Hive Body: a wooden box which encloses the frames and is usually used as a brood chamber.

I pray that my home, as well as every parent reading this will bring a godly harvest and foundation to our homes. What a beautiful illustration and example that we can have homes centered on pure, true and lovely values. The Lord watches over our children and the poetic beauty of Proverbs 16:24; challenges me and motivates me to watch and weigh the words that I speak in my home. May all of the children that we reach, witness Parents that speak love into their lives; with God’s way, truth and life. What a beautiful harvest we will see, as Jesus leads their days ahead.

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