REGATHERING Plan for High School

ATTENTION: The following content pertains to a June 21st Regathering Plan, which was postponed to to an increase in Covid cases. CLICK HERE for the most current update.

ATTENTION: The following content pertains to a June 21st Regathering Plan, which was postponed to to an increase in Covid cases. CLICK HERE for the most current update.

ATTENTION PARENTS! MISSION is preparing to Regather!

Exciting, right? If you watched the service on Sunday, May 31, you heard Joel talk about our regathering plan. You can watch the service HERE (Joel talks about the plan at the very end of the service). If you want to see the plan in writing, you can check that out at

But what does this mean for your high schooler? That’s a good question. We’ve got you covered. Below are all the details we have as of Tuesday morning, June 2nd.

Regathering Schedule for Sunday Mornings

Below is our regather schedule for the church on Sunday mornings. High School is a little different. I’ll get to that next.

  • Sunday, June 21 in person gathering (limited capacity)
  • Sunday, June 28 in person gathering (limited capacity)
  • Sunday, July 5 online gatherings (no in person gatherings)
  • Sunday, July 12 in person gatherings (potentially expanding capacity)

When we reopen, we will open at 30% capacity. This means that we will set up an RSVP system to attend. When we hit 30% capacity, we will not have seats for that service. If the service is fully, you’ll need to consider another service or view online. Our RSVP system should go live 4-6 days before the weekend.

Regathering Schedule for High School

Remember back in February and March when we had announced changes to when High School was meeting? Right, hardly anyone remembers what happened in February and March. To reboot your memory, here’s a video I sent to all High School parents in early March.

Anyway, High School is finally making the full shift to Sunday nights. 6:00 PM is the start time. We’ll have 45-60 minutes of large group worship and teaching followed 30-45 minutes for Tribes. We’ll also have some time for our youth to hang out and connect with each other, something they’ve really missed. We’ll wrap up every Sunday night at 8:00 PM. The Regathering schedule for High School is a little different though.

  • Sunday, June 21 no in person gathering for High School (Fathers Day)
  • Sunday, June 28 ANTHEM High School’s first in person gathering
  • Sunday, July 5 no in person gathering for High School (Independence Day weekend)
  • Sunday, July 12 resume in person gathering for High School


Before MISSION made the decision to re-gather in late June, ANTHEM had already decided to promote 8th grade to High School on June 7th. The rest of NextGen won’t actually promote to their new grades until July 12. This means that current 2019/2020 8th graders will be able to attend ANTHEM High School on Sunday, June 28th!

New Service Times

We know that some of your High Schoolers serve on Sunday mornings. We’re actually adjusting our service schedule during this season of Regathering. To maximize our time to clean and sanitize all surfaces between services, we’re modifying our service times. We will offer preschool at 8:30, 10:30, and 12:30.

Safety Practices

Safety has always been our highest value. As we plan to regather after months of quarantine, our priority for safety is guiding our strategy. Before we open our facilities, all of our volunteers will retrain, specifically around keeping kids safe and environments clean. We are implementing adjustments to offer contact free experiences for EVERYONE who comes in and out of our buildings. We understand that teenagers won’t always social distance well, so we’re making adjustments to everything we do to limit contact as much as possible and ensure that our youth have an AMAZING and SAFE experience. As we get closer to June 28, we will communicate more instructions to help you prepare.

See You Soon

It won’t be long until many of us are together again. We miss you and we CONTINUE to pray for you, your health, and your well being! Please let us know if you have any questions!

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