Regathering Plan for Junior High

Several weeks ago, we outlined our plan to regather at church WITH all NextGen environments included. You can read that post here.

With this being said, ANTHEM has actually been meeting in-person for the past 6 weeks on Sunday nights from 630-8p. During this time, we have gathered both JH and HS youth in their Tribes that are spread out across MISSION’s campus. If your teen has not yet joined us, please review the following details.


In many ways, we’re rewriting the book on ministry to the Next Generation. We have always valued preparation and training for our volunteers and this Global Pandemic has prompted all-new ministry guidelines. As of September 2020, all of our NextGen volunteers have been trained in new processes and procedures. Volunteers who interact with your kids and teenagers will learn how to provide the same love and care, but with sanitation and social distancing in mind.


You may be wondering, “What precautions has MISSION taken concerning teenagers?” That’s a great question and here are some procedures we have implemented.

  • All staff, volunteers, and teenagers are required to wear masks while on campus.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the campus and opportunities to wash/rewash hands will be encouraged.
  • All staff, volunteers, and teenagers are temperature checked before they are able to enter their environments. Anyone who has been sick or has been exposed to someone who has been sick is asked to join us for the online experience.
  • We are taking extra precautions around snacks. We know that the fastest way to a teenager’s heart is through their stomach. We provide snacks/drinks in our youth environments, but snacks are carefully distributed and individually wrapped.
  • All Tribe spaces/rooms are thoroughly cleaned/sanitized.


Just because we will are meeting in person does not mean that our digital/online experiences are going away. We understand that many teenagers are not able to return to in-person gatherings for some time. As a result, we are continuing to offer digital content. Tribe Leaders will try to keep everyone connected, even as parts of the group are gathering in person.


Currently, all of ANTHEM (both Junior High and High School) are meeting on Sunday nights at 630p. This simply has been a modified pandemic arrangement. We have found that the best time for JH to meet is on Sunday mornings since ALL JH teenagers require a parent or guardian to drive them to church.

High School is permanently staying on Sunday nights; however, on October 18, Junior High will move permanently to the 11a service. The reason for this delay is because we have a special series planned for September that we want all of our teenagers to experience together. Following Fall Break, the change to Sunday mornings will occur.

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