Regathering Plan for Preteen (456)

Several weeks ago, we outlined our plan to regather at church WITH all NextGen environments included. You can read that post here. We have been waiting for this day for so long, and it is finally here. If you have not RSVPd yet, you can do that at

So what are things going to look like for kids? That’s a good question. Below are all the details that will help you prepare for your first visit back!


To maximize our time to clean and sanitize all surfaces between services, we’re modifying our service times to 9a and 11a. All NextGen (babies through 6th grade) will have programs at both services.


Typically, we promote all kids to their new grades/environments every year in late May. Since school is already back in session and kids have already moved up, all kids will regather in their CURRENT grade level.

For 4th Graders: Welcome to your brand new space (the Warehouse)! When you enter the Warehouse, your leaders will be spread out in the room waiting for you.


In many ways, we’re rewriting the book on ministry to the Next Generation. We have always valued preparation and training for our volunteers and this Global Pandemic has prompted all new ministry guidelines. All of our NextGen volunteers have been trained in new processes and procedures. Volunteers who interact with your kids will provide the same love and care, but with sanitation and social distancing in mind. Rest assured that EVERY NextGen Volunteer must complete in person or online training before they can serve again.


Safety has always been one of our highest values. As we plan to regather after months of quarantine, our priority for safety is guiding our strategy. Below are some of our new procedures

  • All NextGen Volunteers (and staff) are required to wear masks. Kids kindergarten and up will also be required to wear masks. This is also a requirement for attending our in person services for adults.
  • Additional hand-sanitizing stations will be located throughout the campus and opportunities to wash/rewash hands will be built into our schedule.
  • All staff/volunteers will be temperature checked before they are able to serve. Anyone who has been sick or has been exposed to someone who has been sick will not be allowed to serve until it is safe for them to return.
  • All kids/teenagers will be temperature checked before they are able to enter a NextGen environment. Since young kids are not always able to verbalize how they feel, we will utilize contact-free thermometers as recommended by child care organizations to ensure that everyone in our NextGen environments is healthy. Temperature checks will be a part of the check-in process.


We have moved to a centralized check-in process outside of the Family Center. Families are welcome to visit any of the check-in stations and a volunteer will help you get checked in (contactless experience).

  • Once checked in, you will grab your tags (one to place on each child, one to give to a leader in their ministry space, and a receipt tag for pick-up).
  • After check-in, each child can be taken to their rooms, but before entering there will be a mandatory temperature check for all kids (done in each ministry area).
  • All children should be picked up promptly after the adult service concludes to allow for our teams to clean and sanitize the rooms to prepare for the next service.


Just because we will be meeting in person does not mean that our digital/online experiences are going away. We understand that many families will not be ready to return to in person gatherings for some time. As a result, we will continue to offer digital content similar to what you have seen for the last several months.


We can’t wait to see you again. We miss you and we CONTINUE to pray for you, your health, and your well being! Please let us know if you have any questions!

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