ANTHEM Youth: Seniors 2022

2022 SENIORS: You are invited to our Senior Season, where ANTHEM Youth will celebrate YOU!

We want to celebrate our 2022 graduating class well, as ANTHEM Youth, MISSION Community Church and the church body! It’s hard to fully congratulate you without your presence.

Therefore, we’d love to see you at both the Senior Dinner and Senior Sunday. Let the church rally around you and allow yourself to see the impact you have had, and are having, on the people around you.
In addition, before our last few HS Sessions, we’ll be holding “Bridge” classes. These will be specifically designed for you, to prepare for life after High School.

Sun, Apr 24, May 1 & May 15: The Bridge Classes

To prepare and help you for life after graduation, we have created some classes available right before Sunday’s HS Service: Life Skills, Finance, and How Not to Lose Your Faith. The “Bridge” classes will be held in the Seminar Room (behind the Post of Student Center). They will begin at 5p before HS session those evenings.

Fri, May 6: Senior Dinner

ANTHEM Seniors, Leaders and Staff met at 6p for dinner and fun. This was an evening of fellowship over a meal and celebrating the class of 2022.

Sun, May 22: Senior Send-Off

We will be honoring the graduating seniors on main stage during adult services. Plan to arrive on MISSION’s Campus at 730a in the back office spaces. Rehearsal will take place at 745a in the Worship Center, and breakfast will be served afterward. Please plan to be present for both adult services (9a & 1030a) so they can celebrate and send you off well. 

We can’t wait to celebrate YOU!

**As a reminder, these events are ONLY for this year’s HS Seniors and their Tribe Leaders.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected] with any questions. 

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