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Welcome to the NextGen Activity Box! We hope that this in-home resource will help kids better connect with church and faith, especially during the global pandemic when nothing is normal and everything is different. Building faith is critical, especially for the Next Generation. NextGen Activity Boxes are a fun and interactive way to prioritize faith, even when you’re stuck at home!

The following video will unpack everything that comes in your NextGen Activity Box. It’s a short and informative video that will explain what’s in the box and how to use it. Below the video are the highlights.


  • The challenge Card (one per child): The Challenge Card is how you track your progress through the month. It’s perfect for hanging on the refrigerator. Essentially, the challenge card visually represents the THREE things to be done each week and the THREE things to be done each month.
  • Lesson Pack (one per age group): If we were meeting in person, we would typically do 2-3 activities after large group. We’ve simply put those activities (one per week) in this pack. Just read the lesson activity and do what it says. Most supplies are included in the activity pack. Since these are just instructions, we’ve only included one per box (kids at the same age can share).
  • Activity Pack (one per child): Just about every lesson (from the lesson pack) requires supplies. Those supplies are included in the activity pack. Be careful though, we’ve included all the supplies for the month in this one pack, so only use what you need for the week you are on. This way you will have what you need in the coming weeks.


The Challenge Card is how each child can track his or her progress each month. As you will see, there are three things to do each week (watch it, do it, and talk about it) represented by a star. Once your child has done an activity, you can mark it off. In addition to the three things to do each week, there are three things to do each month (memory verse, zoom call, and family activity) also indicated by stars.

Here’s the fun part. If your child finishes the challenge card, he/she wins a prize (to be announced next week)!

Weekly Zoom calls are hard, we tried it. However, we do think it’s important for kids to have personal interactions with other adults from church. To make this happen, we’re hosting a weekly Zoom call (one for Preschool and one for K-6). It’s a 20-minute fun and interactive experience. It’s the same thing every week, so you only need to come once each month.

Almost everything in the NextGen Activity Box is kid-driven. Other than needing a little help with reading or watching the weekly video, kids can do almost everything on their own. Parents can be involved in as little or as much of the experience as they want. However, we’ve created one experience that a parent will have to lead – The Family Activity. This monthly activity is designed to be mostly conversational and easy to pull off. Usually, the activity can be accomplished during a meal or maybe in 15-20 minutes right before bedtime.

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