Preteen SuperStart Event


Saturday, May 1, from 430p – 9p at MISSION.

SuperStart is a Preteen event designed for 4th – 6th graders to get pumped up as we close out the school year by inviting friends to join, to connect as a group with their specific group leaders, and to be challenged to grow in their faith. Over the course of the event, they will have large gatherings for worship, breakouts with their groups, games, activities, food, and special opportunities to make memories with friends.

Here at MISSION, we have a passion for helping the next generation find and follow Jesus, and to find thriving life through a relationship with Him.

One of the most significant age groups where we see kids beginning this faith journey or re-engaging their faith is within upper elementary…PRETEENS are so important to us here at MISSION and we have created a unique ministry just for them each weekend. This event is something they will not want to miss and we hope they will join us in the weekends before and after SuperStart.


  • Regular price: $30/child through Apr 25
    • Cost includes all activities and dinner

**Week of and walk-up cost will be $40/child.


Over the course of the event, all volunteers and staff will be required to wear masks; while, kids are strongly recommended to wear them. As for social distancing guidelines, they will be in place where needed.


On Sat ,May 1, check-in will begin promptly at 430p. It will take place at the tents located in the courtyard at MISSION. A parent/guardian is required to attend the check-in process with their child(ren). Once they are checked in, all kids will be directed to their small group spaces for the first part of the evening with dinner to follow.

Dismissal will occur at 9p for all 4th and 5th graders.

6th graders, will be provided a special “AFTER PARTY” until 945p. Our current 6th graders will be promoting to our Junior High ministry in the middle of May, so our ANTHEM Youth Team will be connecting with them and having some extra fun together in preparation for LAUNCH weekend (more details coming soon at


Your VALUE – Your TRUE VALUE comes from Christ.

When preteens (and let’s face it, everyone) finds their true value in Christ, and understands that He treasures them, it changes the lens from which we view life and others. Preteens are bombarded in this phase of adolescence with physical, emotional, and relational changes.

We will take some time and dive into what God’s Word says about being His chosen people, His dearly loved children, and how we can all respond to this truth each day of our lives by celebrating the value of all people.


Pizza and drinks will be provided during group time when your preteens arrive. If you prefer, have them eat before arriving on campus. The Snack Shack will also be available for optional snacks.


A little spending money is recommended, but not required. The Snack Shack will be open for preteens to purchase snacks after their first session, as well as some limited edition Preteen merchandise. If desired, we suggest sending between $5 and $20 for extra spending.

The 6th grade After Party theme will be GLOW. 6th graders are encouraged to bring clothes/accessories that will illuminate.


More info will be added as needed. If at any point you have questions/concerns, please reach out to our NextGen Team at [email protected].

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