Elementary Small Groups


At MISSION, we have a specific strategy for helping the next generation find thriving life in Jesus. Part of the strategy revolves around the following phrase.

We believe circles are better than rows.

What does this mean? It means that we can learn a lot sitting and listening to someone speak about faith and challenge the audience, but it is in circles that we grow in our faith and learn how to apply the things we have heard. We call these circles “small groups.”

Every Sunday, we provide small groups for kindergarten-6th graders (K-3rd at 1 PM and Preteen at 2 PM) online through Zoom. During this time, trusted teenagers and adults invest in the lives of our elementary-aged kids and help them apply the truths we cover through our weekend experiences. 

Once kids are registered for these groups, they will receive the small group meeting link. If you have a child who is not currently in a group, you can sign him/her up below.

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