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MISSION Parent Night

Join us for MISSION Parent night where acclaimed author, Will Hutcherson, speaks on the topic of despair & anxiety in kids and teens.

Family Rhythms for 2022

Join us with being intentional about creating some new rhythms for your family in 2022.

The Elementary School Survival Guide

At the heart of your elementary schooler, they’re likely asking inside of themselves…Do I have friends, your attention, and what it takes?

4 Mistakes Parents Make With Technology

How do we find the right balance for our kids between benefiting from technology while avoiding the danger of it?

Kids Under Stress

Stress can look very different in kids, yet in some ways, it can look very much the same as it does in adults.

Help, My Kid Is Really Mad at Me

With more family time than ever before, the likelihood of family conflict is high. And lovingly responding to your child who is mad at you—is hard.

The Most Important 10 Seconds in Conversations with Kids

Hard conversations with kids can be extremely tricky. But, did you know you can make or break conversations with your kids in the first 10 seconds of them?

Baptism Class

At MISSION, we say that baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision – specifically a decision to follow Jesus. But for many families, especially those with different religious backgrounds or traditions, this topic can

For Every Family

Coming to a new church can be an overwhelming process. There are so many things happening and there are so many things to learn. Because you’re a parent/guardian, we want to personally share with you our strategy

Elementary Small Groups

At MISSION, we have a specific strategy for helping the next generation find thriving life in Jesus. Part of the strategy revolves around the following phrase. We believe circles are better than rows. What does this mean?

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