The Junior High Survival Guide

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You thought the “terrible twos” phase was the most challenging time of your parenting journey. . .that is, until your kid became a Junior High schooler. As soon as your kid entered the 7th grade, it was as if a switch inside of them flipped — maybe your once-patient kid became extremely short tempered or your previously agreeable child started picking fights with you and everyone else every chance they got.

How do we know? Because Junior High parents & guardians everywhere are experiencing the same things in real time.

It’s during this phase of seventh and eighth grade, when your kid starts to zero in on how they see themselves, how they see the world, and how they fit inside that world view. They’re working really hard to discover their uniqueness and find where they fit in the world, and with that path to discovery comes a lot of tension.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re merely surviving: You want so desperately to encourage your kid to be themselves, but you also want to establish boundaries and let them know that sometimes, their behavior just isn’t OK. First, take a deep breath and remember this: You are in a phase right now, and the primary characteristic of a phase is that it doesn’t last forever.

Next, consider your important role in your kid’s life at this point. Your kid is very self-conscious during this time in their lives, and they’ll be looking for validation, and it’s best if it comes from you. You can affirm them by acknowledging their positive qualities and strengths and inviting other caring adults into their life to heap on the encouragement. In short, your kid needs a whole squad of biggest fans.

We know this season is hard, but you are not without support — we are with you every step of the way.

Below are featured resources to help guide you through the Junior High School Stage

For the First-time Junior High School Parent/Guardian:

For the Parent/Guardian Who is Overwhelmed by the Newness of This Phase:

For the Parent/Guardian Who is Worried About Hard Conversations:

Phase Guide Book Series

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