Junior High News

9/19 ANTHEM Invite Night & Tribe Wars

A fun and engaging opportunity for Youth to Invite their friends to win prizes and possibly a ticket to Fall Camp!

ANTHEM Parent Afternoon

Join us Sunday, 9/26, at 12p, for an afternoon where you’re invited to partner with our ANTHEM Team in the vision for teenagers this upcoming year.

ANTHEM Fall Camp 2021

Join us for ANTHEM’s Fall Camp, October 15-17, 2021! Exclusively for JH + HS Teenagers. Don’t miss it!

The Junior High Survival Guide

You thought the “terrible twos” phase was the most challenging time of your parenting journey. . .that is, until your kid became a Junior High schooler.

ANTHEM Parent Cue – What I Really Want

This series is designed to help junior highers recognize, understand, resist + deal with the temptation that is in their lives.

ANTHEM JH Double Dog Dare-a-thon

Double Dog Dare-a-Thon is an outreach event on June 26+27 designed for ANTHEM JH Youth + their friends!

ANTHEM Parent Cue – Real Friends

Over the next three weeks in ANTHEM, we will be focusing that in this phase, having good friends is incredibly important to teenagers.

7 Ways to Get Your Teen to Actually Talk to You

It’s hard to know how to talk to teenagers when they won’t talk to you. If you want your guarded teen to open up, here are 7 things to try.

4 Mistakes Parents Make With Technology

How do we find the right balance for our kids between benefiting from technology while avoiding the danger of it?

ANTHEM Parent Cue – Trending (Coping)

In this week’s message, we’re talking about the difference between helpful and unhelpful coping skills that JH’ers may be using to deal with what they’re feeling.

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