The Preschool Survival Guide

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While each phase in a child’s life presents its own highlights and challenges, there’s something about the preschool phase that has us reeling from the duality of it all.

Your kid can now communicate their thoughts and needs more clearly, but with the burst of vocabulary comes head-turning meltdowns. Your kid’s palate may have diversified some, but they’ve still got a taste for the trusted chicken nugget. Your kid understands what the rules are a bit better, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to continue to push boundaries to see if those rules hold.

It’s the in-between that can leave you feeling weary because while it’s nice to know your kid is learning and growing right before your eyes, you’re faced with the realization that there’s still so much to teach your kid and learn for yourself.

But if there’s anything that ignites a spark of hope it’s the knowledge that none of this hard yet rewarding work was meant to be done alone. That’s what community is for. That’s what relatable content is for. And that’s what we’re for. Anything we can do to share the burden of responsibility parents face each day while reassuring you that you’re OK, your kids are OK, and that you’ll make it to the other side is what we’ll continue to do day after day. We see you, we’re right here for you, and we support you.

Below are featured resources to help guide you through the Preschool Stage

For the First-time Preschool Parent/Guardian:

For the Overwhelmed Parent/Guardian:

For the Parent/Guardian Worrying About the Future:

Phase Guide Book Series

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