Preschool News

Child Dedication

Child Dedication is the first major faith milestone for families at MISSION. Find out more here.

Back to School Bash

Sunday, Aug 6 – At the End of Each Service – Splash Party – Popsicles – Be There!


Parent Cues are a tool designed to help continue the conversation at home. We hope that this Month’s resources help with that.

THIS MONTH in Kids – October 2022

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THIS MONTH in Kids – September 2022

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Popsicles with Preschoolers – 9/8/22

All moms of young ones are invited to join us for a morning of play and fellowship!

THIS MONTH in KIDS – August 2022

See what’s going on within kids this month!

THIS MONTH in KIDS – July 2022

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THIS MONTH in KIDS – June 2022

See what’s happening in your kids’ environments this month!

The Preschool Survival Guide

There’s something about the preschool phase that has us reeling from the duality of it all.

Kids Under Stress

Stress can look very different in kids, yet in some ways, it can look very much the same as it does in adults.

Help, My Kid Is Really Mad at Me

With more family time than ever before, the likelihood of family conflict is high. And lovingly responding to your child who is mad at you—is hard.

The Most Important 10 Seconds in Conversations with Kids

Hard conversations with kids can be extremely tricky. But, did you know you can make or break conversations with your kids in the first 10 seconds of them?

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