ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – Asking for a Friend


Parent Cues are designed and created to help strengthen relationships with your teenager(s). Below is the “One Shot” series info and Parent Cue to foster great conversation between you and them:

When it comes to our faith, we can have a million questions, but are too afraid to ask them. In this series, each week, we are answering questions about faith topics that your teen may have always wondered about. Our hope for this series is that students would be able to apply what they learn to their every day relationship with God and living a thriving life in Jesus!

WEEK 1: “What is Prayer?”

Prayer is a pivotal part of our relationship with God, and it can shift the way we live.
This week, we are answering the questions: “What is prayer?”, “Why should I pray?”, “How do I pray?”

WEEK 2: “What is the Sabbath?/How Do I Find Rest?”

In a world of constant hurry, distraction, and busyness, it can be hard to find true rest.
This week we are answering the questions: “What is the sabbath?” and “How do I find rest?”

WEEK 3: “How Do I Hear God?”

When other people say, “God told me” or, “I heard God say”, it can be confusing and discouraging when we feel like we don’t hear God.
This week we will be answering the question: “How do I hear God”?

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