High School News


RALLY is designed for HS Youth to have a blast with their Tribes, worship together + support local non-profits!

ANTHEM Parent Cue – Get Out Of My Mind

This series is designed to help high schoolers recognize, understand, resist + deal with the temptation that is in their lives.

ANTHEM Parent Cue – Real Friends

Over the next three weeks in ANTHEM, we will be focusing that in this phase, having good friends is incredibly important to teenagers.


May 23 is Launch at MISSION! Here’s everything you need to make moving your kids up easy peasy.

7 Ways to Get Your Teen to Actually Talk to You

It’s hard to know how to talk to teenagers when they won’t talk to you. If you want your guarded teen to open up, here are 7 things to try.

ANTHEM Parent Cue – I Have Questions (Coping)

Fact: Life can be hard. Stressful seasons, difficult circumstances, unexpected events—your teenagers are going to deal with all that and more.

ANTHEM Parent Cue – More To The Story

In HS, we see teenagers (more times than not) feel like they know the whole story with some of life’s subjects, especially when it comes to topics like sex + dating.

Best Weekend Ever 2021

From March 26-28, JH + HS Youth from across the East Valley will gather for our in-town retreat: BEST WEEKEND EVER.

ANTHEM Parent Cue – Vibes

Nobody has more vibes – more moods they experience or things they feeling a deep and real way – than your teenagers.

ANTHEM Update – Christmas

The purpose of this post is to update you on all things ANTHEM-related throughout the rest of this year + the beginning of 2021

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