ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – In My Feelings


Parent Cues are designed and created to help strengthen relationships with your teenager(s). Below are the In My Feelings series info and Parent Cue to foster great conversations between you and them:

Joy. Sadness. Anger. Compassion. God has given each of us the capacity to feel deeply. And when we can better process our powerful emotions, we can start to understand how He will use them for His good. We are emotionally healthy when we are in control of our emotions instead of our emotions controlling us.

“Jesus wept.” It’s the shortest verse in the Bible but it reveals so much about who Jesus was. He was not aloof, or distant from the people he met. He was present. He wept. He felt…deeply. The Bible shows us many examples of Jesus’ emotions: love, compassion, righteous anger, sadness, and more. In this series, we’ll look at how Jesus processed emotions and how following His example can help us see how our own emotions can be used to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives. 

This series kicks off May 1, 2022

Week 1: “Where is God When We Hurt?”

Scripture: Luke 7:11-16 NIV

Big Idea of the Message: God sees you and He cares

Week 2: “Experience Joy Again” 

Scripture: Luke 15: 11:31 NIV

Big Idea of the Message: 

3 Ways You Can Experience Joy With Jesus

  1. Take one step toward your Father.
  2. Enjoy a relationship instead of just following rules.
  3. Bring someone with you

Week 3: Interview with CEO of Meadows Behavioral Health, Sean Walsh 

Scripture: Luke 15: 11:31 NIV

Big Idea of the Message: Q+A; Emotional/mental/behavioral health; How to handle emotions in a gospel centered way

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