ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – One Shot


Parent Cues are designed and created to help strengthen relationships with your teenager(s). Below is the “One Shot” series info and Parent Cue to foster great conversation between you and them:

In our new series “ONE SHOT”, we are talking about words of wisdom that don’t miss! A lot of time we ask if something is “right” or “wrong”, when the question we should ask is “is this wise”? Wisdom isn’t just something you learn, it’s something you DO. The goal of this series is to equip your teen with wisdom that will help them win in life.

Week 1: Wisdom to Win – 6/5/22
Scripture: 1 Thes. 4:3, Prov. 16:2 Col. 3:17
Main Points: If you’re focused on who you are becoming, God will lead you to do the right thing. If you’re driven by the right why, God will lead you to the right what. Who not do, why not what.

Week 2: Friends for the Future – 6/12/22
This week we look at wisdom that will help you have lasting and healthy friendships.
Scripture: Luke 5:17-26, Proverbs 17:17
Main Points: Faithful friends show you the Faithful Father. Don’t focus on labels, Labels limit you. Forgiveness frees you but it also frees your friends.

Week 3: Worship is a Weapon – 6/19/22
This week we look at how wisdom leads us to worship, and how a lifestyle of worship helps us through trials and temptations.

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