The Hang Time Challenge

Building a strong relationship with our kids is critical. This hang time challenge provides several fun ideas for hanging out and having fun with your family.


Every day, a child needs clean clothes, food to eat, places to go, money to spend, and at least 37 other things. Add in a couple of extra kids and the number of things to do every day simply multiplies.

ANTHEM High School Service Update

Text here about the change!!!

Parenting Kids in the Online Age

Episode 9 of the Thriving Life Podcast ventured into the world of raising children in the midst of technology. This podcast was a helpful conversion that may help parents approach the technology issue differently.

6 Strategies for Parenting During COVID-19

Some kids see what is happening now as a temporary disruption. Other perceive this is a full-blown crisis. Regardless of your perspective, here are some strategies that can help you parent through the pandemic.

Helping Your Child Navigate Grief

Kids grieve differently from adults. Some are grieving the loss of events and activities they love or were looking forward to. Others are simply grieving the loss of normal life. What can you do as a parent, even when you are grieving yourself?

Surviving Quarantine with Preschoolers

As you already knew, parenting preschoolers is exhausting. Now add the fact that your brain has been in constant fight-or-flight crisis mode for about two months. Here’s the “How To Survive a Pandemic with Preschoolers,” cheat sheet.

14 Things to do with Your Teen

But in the midst of this pandemic, there is an opportunity to connect with your teens in new ways and make the best of difficult circumstances. Here are several light-hearted activities to help you navigate through the global event.

50 Dinner Conversation Starters

Are you tired of the silent stares and predictable conversations. With so much time at home together, it can be really tough to think of new questions to ask. Here are 50 conversation starters to give your family dinners a boost this week.

When Senior Year is Cut Short

Our graduating teens are hurting. For students at many schools, there will be no more sporting events, no closure with friends they may never get to see again, no senior prom, and for many, not even a graduation ceremony.

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