ANTHEM Parent Cue – James 1


This three-week sermon series guide is on James 1. We’ll be breaking a part “Trials and Temptations”. Each week, we will look at an excerpt of scripture to see how, and what, James was trying to communicate when it comes to trials we face in life, and day-to-day temptation that stems from our sin. We will also look at the trials Job faced, and how Jesus handled being tempted in the wilderness.

Week 1: Consider It Joy 

Scripture: James 1:2-8; Job 1:6-22

Topic: Trials, Testing of Faith, Perseverance, Believe 

Big Idea of the Message: James is communicating to us that: trails will come, trials have purpose, trials build a path and foundation for faith, trails show your wisdom, trails shape what and who you believe in. 

Week 2: From the Written, Not Tempted 

Scripture: James 1:9-18; Matthew 4:1-11

Topic: Temptation, Faithfulness, Perseverance, 

Big Idea of the Message: We can use these ways to beat temptation: don’t let temporary pleasure steal eternal joy; choose what you want most, over what you want now; surrender and share temptation.

Week 3 IYKYK the Word 
(If You Know You Know)

Scripture: James 1:19-27

Topic: The Word, Believe, Faith, Listening, and Doing. 

Big Idea of the Message:

  • Be planted in the Word, that you may recognize it.
    • Quick to Listen = Slow to Speak
    • Hearing vs. Understanding, and valuing the difference
    • Roots hold you firm to the foundation that you can be planted on
    • Real listening takes effort and action

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