NextGen Regathering Plan for September 13

Sunday, September 13th can’t get here soon enough! We’re excited to be back again! Below, we’ve provided a regathering guide to prepare for your return!


Since early August, we have been hosting in-person services in the Worship Center at 9a on Sunday mornings. On September 13th, we will add a service so that our volunteers can both serve and attend on the same weekend and to accommodate all our families who will return.

We are serious about maintaining safe, sanitized, and socially distanced experiences for families. In order to have time to get everyone out of our children’s environments and reset for the next service, we are modifying our service times. Our services will be at 9 AM and 11 AM.


Children’s environments will reopen, but only at 30% capacity. If you plan to attend, you will need to RSVP for either service so that can mobilize volunteers and plan for your family.

In younger age groups, we have removed all toys and equipment that is too difficult to properly sanitize. We will bring out fresh toys/supplies for each service (which will be thoroughly sanitized during the week in preparation for the following Sunday.

Lastly, all of our volunteers have gone through revised training to prepare them for our regathering. All volunteers and kids will be temperature checked upon arrival and everyone (Kindergarten and up) will be required to wear a mask at this time. We are providing ample handwashing stations and high traffic surfaces will be sanitized regularly


We have made a few adjustments since we last gathered.

  • Check-in will take place in the courtyard just outside the family center. All kids preschool-preteen will check-in here. Temperature checks will take place in their designated environments.
  • All babies through two-year-olds will remain in the Babies/Toddlers building. We have enough space to incorporate our two-year-old environments, so we’ll keep this entire age group under one roof.
  • Three-year-olds through Pre-K will move into our BRAND NEW temporary space. It is finished and ready for children (and it is BEAUTIFUL). You will access the new Pre-K space through the cafe. You can’t miss it. In this space, we have ample room for permanent small group spaces, a brand new large group worship space as well as a brand new environment for our kids with special needs!
  • Kindergarten through 3rd grade will meet in the Family Center as before the pandemic.
  • Preteen (4th-6th grade) will meet in the Warehouse as before the pandemic. However, preteens will participate in a combined large group experience in the Family Center as we regather. In the coming months, we will re-launch preteen large group in the Warehouse. All preteens will need to be picked up by a parent/guardian after the service.
  • Junior High and High School will continue to meet at 6:30p on Sunday nights.


Remember, if you plan to attend this weekend, you will need to RSVP. We can’t wait to see you and prepare for your arrival.


A lot of details have gone into regathering. Below are age-group specific details.

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