Each year around this time, our Kids and Youth Ministries launch students into their next phase based on their age/grade. For some, this means they get to experience an exciting, new environment. For others, there is virtually no change.


Introducing Bloom! An ANTHEM Youth event for girls only.

Summer Camp is Here

We are so excited to announce our summer camp dates for 2024. Please click on the camp you are interested in for more details. See you there!


‘Tis the Season of Impact. Here’s what we’re doing… It’s that time of year again and we couldn’t be more excited to use our generosity to support our local and global impact partners in the important work they do in caring for vulnerable kids and families both in our backyard and on the other side… View Article

Kids and Youth Halloween Fun at MISSION

Join us for costumes, fun, and sweets on October 29th during and after services. Click below for updated details and more:

Best Weekend Ever

On Feb 23-25, JH and HS students from across the East Valley will gather for our in-town retreat, Best Weekend Ever (BWE).

Preteen Movie Night

Come join us Sep 8 from 6-8p for a cinema experience in our Preteen space. All 4-6th graders are welcome to come and hang out to enjoy this movie experience.

Child Dedication

Child Dedication is the first major faith milestone for families at MISSION. Find out more here.

Back to School Bash

Sunday, Aug 6 – At the End of Each Service – Splash Party – Popsicles – Be There!


Parent Cues are a tool designed to help continue the conversation at home. We hope that this Month’s resources help with that.

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – These Walls Will Fall

Parent Cues are designed and created to help strengthen relationships with your teenager(s). Below is the “These Walls Will Fall” series info and Parent Cue to foster great conversation between you and them:

THIS MONTH in Kids – October 2022

Select an age group for more content

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – Sticks and Stones

Talking about the power of words and the truth that “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can DEFINE you”.

THIS MONTH in Kids – September 2022

See what’s going on this month in Kids

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – Be Real

Real stories in the Bible about how God used real broken people

Popsicles with Preschoolers – 9/8/22

All moms of young ones are invited to join us for a morning of play and fellowship!

THIS MONTH in KIDS – August 2022

See what’s going on within kids this month!

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – Sources

We tell our students that Jesus is the source of life, but do we know how to prove it scripturally?

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – Asking for a Friend

In this series, we are answering questions about faith that your teen wonders about.

THIS MONTH in KIDS – July 2022

Select an age group for more content

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – One Shot

In our series “ONE SHOT”, we are talking about words of wisdom!

THIS MONTH in KIDS – June 2022

See what’s happening in your kids’ environments this month!

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – Seasons

In this series, ANTHEM Youth will look at navigating seasons of life.

Graduation Countdowns and Count-ups

Transitioning from pre-18 parenting to parenting young adults.

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – In My Feelings

In this series, ANTHEM Youth will look at how Jesus processed emotions.

ANTHEM Parent Cue – Wasted Grave

In ANTHEM Youth, we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and what it means to us today.

ANTHEM Parent Cue – James 1

During this three-week sermon series on James 1, we’ll be breaking a part “Trials and Temptations”

Parent Night Recap – Feb 6

Parent Night spoke on the topic of despair & anxiety in kids and teens. Watch it here!

7 Ways to Get Your Teen to Actually Talk to You

It’s hard to know how to talk to teenagers when they won’t talk to you. If you want your guarded teen to open up, here are 7 things to try.

The High School Survival Guide

Once your kid enters high school, they start developing a sense of purpose as they choose their community, the things they value, and what they plan to pursue.

The Junior High Survival Guide

You thought the “terrible twos” phase was the most challenging time of your parenting journey. . .that is, until your kid became a Junior High schooler.

The Elementary School Survival Guide

At the heart of your elementary schooler, they’re likely asking inside of themselves…Do I have friends, your attention, and what it takes?

The Preschool Survival Guide

There’s something about the preschool phase that has us reeling from the duality of it all.

5 Things Worth Celebrating In Each Phase

There’s no denying it: Seasons of change are incredibly hard. But they can be both hard and good!

4 Mistakes Parents Make With Technology

How do we find the right balance for our kids between benefiting from technology while avoiding the danger of it?

Kids Under Stress

Stress can look very different in kids, yet in some ways, it can look very much the same as it does in adults.

Help, My Kid Is Really Mad at Me

With more family time than ever before, the likelihood of family conflict is high. And lovingly responding to your child who is mad at you—is hard.

The Most Important 10 Seconds in Conversations with Kids

Hard conversations with kids can be extremely tricky. But, did you know you can make or break conversations with your kids in the first 10 seconds of them?

NextGen Regathering Plan for September 13

WELCOME BACK! NextGen prepares to regather this weekend (September 13). Here are all the details you need to know!

Baptism Class

Is your child or preteen asking big questions about faith? This interactive class is for kids AND parents.

Elementary Small Groups

At MISSION, we have a specific strategy for helping the next generation find thriving life in Jesus. Part of the strategy revolves around the following phrase. We believe circles are better than rows. What does this mean?

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