Pick Out our Clothes

Take the time everyday to put on our godly wardrobe…

ANTHEM Youth Parent Cue – Sticks and Stones

Talking about the power of words and the truth that “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can DEFINE you”.

THIS MONTH in Kids – September 2022

See what’s going on this month in Kids

Power of our Words

We have an opportunity to exercise a daily dose of sweet honey…

5 Things Worth Celebrating In Each Phase

There’s no denying it: Seasons of change are incredibly hard. But they can be both hard and good!

Baptism Class

Is your child or preteen asking big questions about faith? This interactive class is for kids AND parents.

Events for Parents

Stay up to date on upcoming events specifically for parents.

Connect with Parents

Find other parents in your phase of parenting for community and encouragement.

Need Some Help?

Need help with a specific parenting challenge? We’ve organized content around a handful of common challenges.

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