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Every day, a child needs clean clothes, food to eat, places to go, money to spend, and at least 37 other things. Add in a couple of extra kids and the number of things to do every day simply multiplies.

How Do I Get a NextGen Activity Box?

Have you heard about the brand new NextGen Activity Box? It’s our all-new approach to Sundays for kids (preschool-6th grade). We think our box is going to breath new life into your family’s church experience!

Announcing: The NextGen Activity Box

We’ve been working on something new and we’re excited to share it with you. We hope that this new idea might help us bridge the gap between our current situation and when things are more normal again.

Events for Parents

Stay up to date on upcoming events specifically for parents.

Connect with Parents

Find other parents in your phase of parenting for community and encouragement.

Need Some Help?

Need help with a specific parenting challenge? We’ve organized content around a handful of common challenges.

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